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Beware anti-Marine Conservation Zones scare tactics

The media – from newspapers to social media, Facebook in particular – are alive with misleading and incorrect implications and claims about the impacts of Wales’ possible highly protected Marine Conservation Zones on recreational and other activities that are benign and will require little or no management.  Whether these reports arise from innocent misunderstandings or whether they are deliberate mischief making is not easy to tell – but the deliberate and targeted way disinformation is being spread does seem suspiciously orchestrated.

Rebuttals of a very misleading article in Pembrokeshire’s Western Telegraph were published recently see here.

At a meeting between Welsh Government and diving representatives on 12 June the WG confirmed that there is no intention to prohibit recreational diving from HP MCZs.  Certainly no extractive diving, such as shellfishing; but simply looking and enjoying – including wreck diving – not a problem.  Assuming the notes of the meeting become available they will be published here when possible.

The take home message from all the disinformation is read the detail in the consultation documents for yourself and don’t accept tittle tattle at face value.  Certainly the consultation document is heavy going and unclear in many places, but if you are unsure about a meaning ask the Welsh Government (see the consultation pages for contact details) or send a query to WWMC and we will attempt to answer it.



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