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Skomer Marine Nature Reserve

Please act now to support Skomer proposal as an HP MCZ

The Welsh Government’s highly protected MCZ project is in trouble: your support is needed urgently.

Triggered in part by a truly poor consultation document and a badly mishandled consultation process, well organised and determined opposition to the to HP MCZ proposal has developed.

The badly handled consultation has generated legitimate concerns, but misleading and alarming disinformation spread by a combination of fishing interests and people who seem ideologically opposed to HP MCZs has frightened many people blindly objecting to the proposals.

The opposition is so well orchestrated that there appears to be real risk the entire process will be abandoned by Welsh Government unless they receive a sufficiently large number of responses supporting HP MCZs.

It is important that Welsh Government stick to their policy both for the sake of the Welsh marine environment and for the Skomer MNR in particular.

Please respond positively to the consultation.

A model response letter is available here.

You will need to fill in some information and delete any text not relevant to you.  And please customise it as much as you can – the fewer identical responses Welsh Government receive the better – and don’t forget to save it with a suitable filename that identifies it as yours before you e-mail it!

E-mail your response letter to: by 31 July at the latest.

Please also write in support to the Welsh Environment Minister, John Griffiths.

A model letter to the Minister is available here.

Send by e-mail to:

or by post to: Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development
Welsh Government
5th Floor
Ty Hywel
Pierhead Street
Cardiff Bay   CF99-1NA

Last but not least, please sign up to this e-petition here.

Most importantly, please tell all your friends and colleagues that care about protecting the marine environment that their support is needed too.  Please, please tweet, Facebook, blog or e-mail a link to this page to spread the word.  Consultation responses must be received by 31 July so you don’t have long.


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