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Government inquiry into management of marine protected areas in Wales

The National Assembly for Wales’ Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee is calling for evidence to support its inquiry into the management of marine protected areas in Wales.  This follows on from the concern expressed by its predecessor, the Environment and Sustainability Committee, about the level of priority given to the marine environment by the Welsh Government.  After its inquiry into marine policy in Wales, the Committee recommended that management of Marine Protected Areas should be highlighted as a priority area for improvement.

We need everyone that cares about the condition and protection of Welsh seas and their marine wildlife to respond to this consultation and to stress the flaws in current MPA management.  

Details of the consultation, including the questions being asked and links to a response form and a survey are here.  

Beware of the form and survey.  They are both constrained and leading; the word allowance for response is very limited and the questions and choice of responses available in the survey is inadequate.  As with all such consultations, please do complete the form and survey but, very importantly, also write your own free-form letter stressing your key messages.

But hurry, the consultation closes on 10 February 2017.


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