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The science of Marine Protected Areas

There is a considerable and growing scientific literature on the environmental effects and benefits of MPAs, including Highly Protected MPAs.  This site makes no attempt to be a comprehensive source of information but the following sites and documents should give a broad introduction to HPMRs and their benefits

PISCO – Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans The Science of Marine Reserves website and booklets

Fully-protected marine reserves Report by Prof. Callum Roberts & Julie P. Hawkins for WWF international.  NB large file – 7Mb

Evidence of benefits and opportunities from HPMRs CCW report by Dr Sue Gubbay

‘No-take’ marine reserves in New Zealand

Great Barrier Reef Representative Areas programme “Green Zones”

Protecting nationally important marine areas in the Irish Sea

Southwest England’s “Finding Sanctuary” partnership

Marine reserves contribution to sustainable fisheries

Lundy No Take Zone

MPA News newsletter has many useful articles

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