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Skomer MNR Allies

Skomer Marine Conservation Zone / former Marine Nature Reserve

Skomer Marine Conservation Zone is Wales’ first and only statutory MCZ, having been redesignated from its former status as a Marine Nature Reserve (MNR), one of only three in the UK. Surrounding Pembrokeshire’s Skomer Island and the Marloes Peninsula in the southwest corner of Wales, it was managed on behalf of its wildlife and for the nation by the Countryside Council for Wales from the time of its designation in 1991 until 2013, and now by Natural Resources Wales (NRW), and its small, dedicated, management team of diving marine biologists.  For the purposes of this website and for those of us still stuck on the idea of a marine ‘nature reserve’ rather than the softer sounding ‘conservation zone’, these pages will continue to be labelled as Skomer MNR Allies!

Little information about the Skomer MNR / MCZ has been available from the NRW website until recently.  Inclusion of recent MCZ reports, plus an appearance in NRW’s blog and the introduction of an MCZ Facebook page are all welcome

These pages exist partly as an effort to provide objective information on the reserve and its history, to be a one-stop-shop for all the reserve’s reports, including older and CCW reports unavailable on NRW’s website, and also, very importantly, to continue to advocate for the conservation protection and management the MCZ deserves, and for the long-term security of staffing and resources to maintain the MCZ’s programme of marine biological monitoring and surveillance which is unparalleled in the UK.



Important disclaimer

This site is independent from the Natural Resources Wales.

The opinions and advocacy expressed on this site are not necessarily representative of NRW’s views, or shared by NRW or its staff, including MCZ staff.

All NRW and CCW information and documentation included in the site is in the public domain and has been legitimately sourced from NRW / CCW, through the Skomer MNR / MCZ.

Apologies for making a fuss about this, but there are mischievious folk out there that try and use the existence of this supportive website to make trouble for the MCZ’s staff.

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