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Skomer MCZ is designated for the conservation of marine wildlife and to support and further research into marine wildlife and the environment in which it lives.

Management of the MCZ is carried out by a small, dedicated, team of marine science staff based at the MCZ office overlooking Martin’s Haven, at the western end of the Marloes Peninsula.  The MCZ team are responsible for management planning, liaison with site users and the public, ensuring the byelaws and codes of conduct are respected, carrying out a programme of biological, hydrographic and activity monitoring, and much more.

MNR/MCZ annual reports

Skomer MNR/MCZ annual reports are in the public domain and although available on request, were until recently unavailable for download from the NRW website.  

The documents are in PDF format.  Note that some are large files.

Skomer MCZ Annual Report 2015 (2Mb)

Skomer MCZ Annual Report 2014 (3Mb)

Skomer MNR Annual Report 2013 (3Mb)

Skomer MNR Annual Report 2012 (2Mb)

Skomer MNR  Annual Report 2011 (2Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report 2010 (1.3Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report 2009 (1.9Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_2007-08 (2.7Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_2006 (1.6Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_2005 (1.7Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_2004 (1.9Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_2003 (1.7Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_2002 (1.5Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_2001 (3.4Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_2000 (2.3Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_1999 (2.1Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_1998 (1,8Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_1997 (1.8Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_1995-96 (2.8Mb)

Skomer MNR_AAnnual Report_1994 (3.6Mb)

Skomer MNR_Annual Report_1991-93 (1.4Mb)

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